Cuts machine manufacturing turnaround time by with E3.series

Pantec Automation cuts machine manufacturing turnaround time by around 50%, reduces product costs, and helps protects IP for its customers, using E3.series

When Pantec Automation’s customers faced pressure from low-cost counterfeit machinery, they realised the best way to fight back was to help customers reduce their own costs. 

Through wholesale efficiency improvements achieved by expanding its use of Zuken’s E3.series and integrating it into its ERP/PPS, Pantec Automation enabled its customers to better serve end-users.

As well as meeting cost-reduction goals, the company reduced the time from order placement to delivery of the fully assembled electrical equipment from an average of 15 to eight weeks – a massive cut of around 50%.



  • Up to 50% reduction in machine delivery time
  • Machine quotes supplied within days rather than weeks
  • Greatly reduced IP risk: OEM machines are less likely to be copied if they cost less
  • Modularity achieved by managing options and variants through a decision tree within a configurator tool
  • 95% of project work goes straight to assembly specialists with no design engineering intervention: quality and data is policed by E3.series
  • Results achieved using existing E3.series setup at no extra cost

Efficiency goals achieved

Zuken’s role is significant. E3.series provides the functionality to customise the electrical wiring for a specific machine out of a selection of valid options for the ‘reference machine’ that was developed.

Hanefeld says: “E3.series delivers the exact 1:1 wiring for the machine as ordered by the customer. And as E3.series is fully integrated with our ERP system, when the wiring information is generated it’s the trigger for a host of other assembly-related information.”

Have quantifiable benefits resulted? Absolutely. “Our machine builders can now provide their customers with quotations within a matter of days. And the order placement to machine delivery time has been cut from up to 17 weeks to as fast as 10 weeks,” says Hanefeld.

“Industry is crying out for modularity,” continues Hanefeld. “We’ve empowered our customers to offer modular solutions which can be customised much faster and can be manufactured for a lower cost than before. We still build and deliver control cabinets, HMIs and cables but, for the first time, E3.series is enabling us and our customers to treat them as modular elements and options. Also, a few of our customers now carry some of our units as stock items that just require configuration in software before going into service. That’s a game-changer.”

New way of working

The benefits of this new way of working have resulted in improvements to virtually every aspect of the supply chain and the development lifecycle of a machine. Previously project turnaround (from machine order to onsite commissioning) took about 15 weeks, made us as follows: 1 week for electrical planning, 8 weeks for sourcing, 5 weeks for assembly and 1 week for testing.ow, project turnaround is about 8 weeks, made up as follows: 0 weeks for electrical planning (it is unnecessary), 4 weeks for sourcing (improved stock management due to the availability of pre-assembled modules), 3 weeks for assembly (clearer assembly documentation, so fewer calls to engineering are needed) and 1 week for testing. This reduction from 15 to 8 weeks for all activities between machine order and commissioning equates to almost 50%.

Hanefeld concludes: “Zuken’s E3.series is good as a CAD package anyway, but it shows its real power when integrated into an ERP. By making better use of the tool’s existing capabilities – and without having to purchase any extras for this project – we have realised immense operational efficiencies in-house. We have also helped our customers be more efficient and more competitive.”

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