Mecalac cuts development time with E3.series

Mecalac (formerly Terex GB), a global manufacturer of compact plant machinery, providing market-leading solutions - cut the time taken to develop right-first-time cable harnesses for its heavy plant vehicles with E3.series.


"Switching to E3.formboard – and using E3.Routing Bridge and E3.eCheck –is enabling us to be more productive as engineers and more competitiveas an OEM of construction vehicles.”

Carl Worthington, Principal Electrical Engineer


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  • Greater confidence during the creation or modification of cable harnesses, irrespective of their complexity
  • Impressive ease with which harness designs can be modified in E3.formboard
  • The automation of terminal and connector table selection saves time
  • Fewer and shorter iterative process steps with greatly reduced risk of human errors
  • Better collaboration between electrical and mechanical design engineers.

E3.series is a Windows-based, scalable, easy-to-learn system for the design of wiring and control systems, hydraulics and pneumatics. Its object-oriented system architecture, built on a central database, ensures the continuous synchronization of all engineering stages.


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