- a module for being able to view and additionally do 'redlining' in the documentation generated with E³.

E³.redline is especially developed for service technicians or others who want to make updates on documentation without having access to any E³ full version.

E³.redline has the same features as E³.view, but in addition the following functionality;

  • run additional programs (scripts) such as generate relevant reports on site ('on the fly')
  • use language database to switch language and possibly character set of documents/drawings
  • manipulate layers on/off
  • manage color settings
  • make comments in the diagrams by means of RED graphics and text ( 'redlining')
  • 'copy/paste' for re-use of graphics/text in documents/drawings (;paste gives red result)
  • save 'redlining' information

E³.redline has the same user interface as E³, and provides user access to all information contained in the generated E³ project database - but without the editing ability.
All 'redlining' information can be stored as a separate file and sent back to the main responsible department for import/update of the original project database.

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