Industrial solutions

E³ offers a solution that will satisfy individual needs for functionality and outcome.

The different industries are characterized by special requirements, e.g. Workflow, System and Physical Development, Interfaces, data management and quality control. 

Special packages

CCS has never experienced that two customers have the same needs, and that is why we offer packages 'bundle' for different market segments.

These include: 
• Required Software Licenses 
• Libraries 
• Set of custom lists and reports 
• Standard Interfaces 
• Consulting and training 

Our experience - Your benefit!

The power assist leading companies in the world for many years to implement effective solutions based on E ³-series, allows CIM-Team access to several 'samples of best practices', which will ensure the best solution in its segment market. 
CCS, together with our customers, aims to identify opportunities and develop solutions for the optimization of any individual design process (; ROI). 

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