E³ is an E-CAE tool developed specifically for professional companies using any type of plan design, electrical, automotive, hydraulic or pneumatic.

With E³ you can easily and flexibly produce specific documentation or own and provide a standard manufactured specifications and error-free documents.

Automize your design process

E³ enables companies automize parts of the engineering process using the included API (Application Program Interface). Companies experience a reduction in design time up to 90% when working on computer-aided design tasks using API Developer programs ‘E³’.

The structure of object oriented E³ and the only online quality control ensures always updating and design of the project free of errors. E³ is an application "standard" and modular Windows that is independent of the other applications work. 

E³ have a standard library that contains thousands of specific components for the seller, as well as basic symbols IEC / ISO. 


E³.series is a module based software, so you can create your own solution.

E³ is an object-oriented solution designed with the most advanced technology available. 

E³ offers a solution that will satisfy individual needs for functionality and outcome.

Watch videos under the different categories. 


Here are new patches for E³.series available, that you now can download from the FTP server. See more information about the patches below.


Streamline your engineering process

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